Who do I think I am?

Who do I think I am?

First off, great question and thanks for asking it.

I'm a Toronto-born, New York City-based songwriter & guitar player for starts. I've made records on my own, with friends, with bands, with bands comprised of friends and played guitar on too many tracks to count. Or, more aptly, remember.

This little site is simply a place to archive songs I've written, co-written or - maybe eventually - become home to songs by friends of mine who's songs I wish I had written.

The first five tracks posted to the song archive are from a 2014 record called Easy Winter by Toronto band, Midway After Dark. We had a lot of fun making this record and, after dusting it off after a couple of years on the digital shelf, I'm proud to say it still stands up.

I'll be adding more songs (and guitar-nerd stuff) in late 2016 or early 2017. Or, whenever I feel like it, OK?

If you hear something you like or like something you hear, you can make me feel good about myself here.